RE: [coldbox:10844] event.getvalue issue in 3.1?

What happens if you start by pasting the exact original getvalue() function from requestContext.cfc into your decorator to confirm that works?

If it were me, I would also put in some dump/abort magic and confirm just exactly what is in the rc/prc
right before that error happens. That might help you narrow down if the issue is related to the currentView item not being set, or just not being returned correctly.



If I have the same getvalue function from 3.1 there is no error.

Should you be extending the RequestContext.cfc in this case? I don’t think the decorator is a good thing here.

Actually scratch that I am doing the same thing.

Before the line you advised changing I added:


I get

event [empty string]
fwreinit 1
event [empty string] false

It’s like it’s executing it before it needs it?