RE: [coldbox:10972] caching issue related only to IE

What happens if user B and user C are on a different computer than user A? I think this is an IE issue, and not a ColdBox issue.

Use Fiddler to confirm whether or not the browser is even hitting the server or not when it loads that page, or if it is using a local copy of the page.

Also, what cache headers are you sending back (if any)?

Try adding these into your layout for pages that you don’t wish browsers to cache locally on your users’s hard drive.

Everything you mentioned I already double checked and tried.

I got it working properly now. I forgot to mention that I'm loading
these viewlets via ajax calls. so IE was caching ajax responses. So it
was as simple as setting up ajax to not cache.

So YES THIS IS NOT A COLDBOX ISSUE. It is PEBKAC error code. Thanks.

Daniel M