RE: [coldbox:11074] Anyone done any FaceBook apps in ColdBox

Firstly, are you sure facebook is hitting the wrong URL, or is your site redirecting to Set up an HTTP sniffer and follow the authentication process to confirm. I’m pretty certain the facebook site just does a javascript redirect back to yours with an extra query string.

From what I remember with facebook is you set up a default redirect URL for your app, but you can also override it at the time a user is verifying their account when you request the access tokens.
Do you know which you are doing?



Thanks Brad,

I delved into the library I am using and they use the cgi to get the url, once I fixed that it all works a sort of treat. Except that the authentication to go to ends up on the server and not as the app, so if anyone knows how that is supposed to work I would love to hear it. If I try to push the next url as apps/ I get an error about the url not being right.


Andrew Scott