RE: [coldbox:11457] Session Variables getting trashed

Sorry, I missed your reply below and didn’t see it until today.

Are you able to duplicate the “image” requests that are being routed through ColdBox, or are you just seeing them in the logs? I’ll occasionally see funky stuff I can’t reproduce where browsers (or bots perhaps) will request css, js, or image files and confuse the path and it will come through something like


That’s ok Brad,

No it is still an issue, and I am stumped. I can solve it by putting another rule to ignore the images directory in total, but I would rather understand and know why this is happening first.

This is also a development and staging server, and there is only myself hitting these pages, so bots are out of the equation. And this is 100% SES, and all images are standard URL /images/directory/image.jpg so a browser should not screw even that up.

It is only appearing in the logs, because I am putting it there. And the event is sure having the handler as images and action is the filename minus the extension.