RE: [coldbox:11725] Re: remote proxy does not render output

Agreed. I am currently using no-inheritance application.cfc and my proxies live in a /proxy folder. The big thing was that I needed to specify an app mapping in my application.cfc. Otherwise, if the first hit to my app was to a proxy, it would try to auto-calculate the app mapping and would start looking for the config file in /proxy/config/coldbox.cfc. COLDBOX_APP_MAPPING = “/”; fixed that though.


Yes, this has been discussed already and should solve the solution.
The problem I still face is, that the COLDBOX_APP_MAPPING doesn't fix
it (my app lives in a folder which would lead to something like "/
foldername") and still autocalculate the path to the proxy folder.
I have the proxies in the root folder for now.

I have to throw my hand up, and ask why people are actually using the proxy. What benefit is it giving you that a normal event can’t give you?

i have written Flex Apps, Ajax Apps and many other type of apps. And not one as ever used the proxy, and I still to this day do not see why people would consider using it.