RE: [coldbox:11731] bean question

> I guess I meant it’s not a scan location nor has it been mapped. What is the proper convention for beans? model.beans?

The model folder is the default scan location for CFCs, but keep in mind it is not recursive. For insntance, if you have the file /model/foo/bar/user.cfc getModel(“user”) will not work. You will need to do getModel(“”) since the injector first tries to find the package path relative to one of your scan locations.

HOWEVER, if the model isn’t found in a scan location, WireBox will look for it as a fully-resolvable path. This means that getModel(“”) WILL work because WireBox will try the full path after it gives up on the scan locations. This also means that getModel(“random.non.scan.location.path.user”) will work so long as there is a mapping for “random” or “random” is in your web root.


Since I know nothing about getmodel, I’m going to read this before I ask more dumb questions. Thanks for info. I have alot to learn.

also read the WireBox guide please

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