RE: [coldbox:11933] Turn off debug output

I think Andrew is right. When I go to the link you provided, I don’t see any “debugging” information at all. Instead, I see the default error template because your app has thrown an error.

That is fine for a dev environment, but in production you would want something like a “We’re sorry, please call Customer service” sort of page. That can be controlled by the “customErrorTemplate” setting in your config.
For instance, mine is:
customErrorTemplate = “views/assets/callCustomerService.cfm”,

Then, in my dev and stage environment portions, I override it to:
coldbox.customErrorTemplate = ‘/common/views/assets/BugReport.cfm’;
which is a custom version of the default error template.

The other settings Andrew mentioned would keep the error from being thrown in the first place by intercepting it which would allow you to redirect whereever you want.