RE: [coldbox:12482] Re: Logging Errors to DB using LogBox

Here are the docs for LogBox

Essentially, LogBox is a generic system by which any portion of your application can log messages of varying severity (debug, info, warn, error, fatal) to any number of appenders. Appenders can do whatever you want with the message from writing them to a file, inserting them into a database, or adding them to an array in-memory. More than one appender can be at play at once and any given appender is only obligated to deal with the message severities and/or the portions of your application that it feels like.

The snippet of code you have below configures a single appender which logs to the ColdBox debugging information at the bottom of each page (assuming you have it turned on). Your code snippet then tells LogBox to use that appender to log messages of severity INFO or lower. (That excludes DEBUG and includes everything else).

If you want to sent that message other places, (E-mail, text file) then configure additional appenders. Check out the docs and look for the dbAppender and emailAppender for more info.