RE: [coldbox:12505] Re: Front-Controller Framework Architecture and Services

If it were me (and take this with a grain of salt :), I would just put the loop in a main “container” view that all the widgets were to be output in.

If that feels like you’re putting too much “business logic” in your view, read this article and you might feel better:


I think i'll just put the loop in the controller method process() and
then loop the runEvent(). Seems like a fairly tidy solution with not
too much code, unless anyone else has any better ideas.

Not to mention that to expand on what Brad was saying as well, is that if you do use the view as a single view with the runEvent you are then making the widget even better suited to being portable as well.

In other words the view has everything it needs to work contained with it. And calls the necessary events to be built up.