RE: [coldbox:12754] Session and Client variables disappear when using setNextEvent COLDBOX 2.6

Without knowing too much about what is going on, I’ll assume that when you setNextEvent(), you are switching servers (or at least instances in your cluster)

I’d start by using an HTTP sniffer like Fiddler to ensure that any cookie headers are also being set along with the 302 redirect.
Also, where are you storing client variables?

I would set up some debugging for the test.nextevent to figure out if the CFID, CFToken, JessionID, or the ColdFusion application name changed after redirecting?

If necessary (and assuming you are using DB storage for your client vars) clear out your CDATA and CGLOBAL tables to track what data is being stored and what CFID/CFToken/JessionID/ColdFusion application name it is tied to.

I’m not sure why it seems to work outside of ColdBox. ColdBox’s setNextEvent just does a cflocation. How were you redirecting in your “non-coldbox” app?



Hey Brand thanks for your quick response.
My cluster is set up as a Round-robin distributing the load equally to
each server. When calling setNextEvent() the request could be sent to
the other instance.

I am going to follow your advise and try a HTTP sniffer to see what

I am using clientstorage to store client variables in my database.

The CFID/CFToken ids are the same all instances. The jsessionid is

I have cleared out my CDATA and CGLOBAL. When sending a request
again it sets up a new jsessionid but keeps the same CFID/CFToken id
values Do you think jsessionid should be the same value in all

Thanks !!!!!!