RE: [coldbox:12899] views/layouts external location - session or host based.

You don’t want to be using setSetting() as settings are application wide and that would never work if two people are hitting the site at the same time since that setting would just keep getting overwritten.

Luis may have a better suggestion, but I don’t know if there’s a way to do that right off the top of my head. If it were me, I’d change all your setView() calls to something like:


Where rc.thisUsersViewFolder is a value you set in the request collect at the beginning of every request that is specific to that URL.

Another option would be to to base your application name AND settings on the URL. This would create a different CF application per host name. This would probably only be feasible memory-wise if you weren’t dealing with a ton of possibilities. It would also completely separate the apps and you wouldn’t be sharing things like WireBox or CacheBox either.