RE: [coldbox:12925] Re: Error after upgrading to 3.5Beta

I’ve now included

I've got it running. Restarted the CF-Service and it worked (?
fwreinit=true didn't work).
But now I have another strange issue: In the Application.cfc, I set a
REQUEST-Variable called "isSpider". This is a global variable I use in
the whole framework to know whether the site is accessed from a spider
oder a natural person. I also set the session timeout to 5 seconds if
site is accesses by a spider.
It all works fine if I restart ColdFusion itself. But if I do a ?
fwreinit=true; then I get an error "Element ISSPIDER is undefined in
REQUEST" within a custom interceptor where I also reference to this
variable. This was all fine with 3.1. Has there been a change with 3.5
regarding REQUEST variables? (or is it not recommended to use request
variables within a CB app anyway? Any other ideas?)