RE: [coldbox:12989] LogBox for Auditing

I know log box can do this based on a “message” logging system, but
provide horrible data recovery from this making an audit trail
worthless (for example tell me everything that change for customer xyz
between 12am and 2pm on 12/12/12).

LogBox doesn’t provide any recovery mechanism. How you wish to read your logged messages is up to you.

I would like to see logBox be configured for additional fields added
to the debug,error, warning, info functions. That way it provides
separate index able fields. But based on the documentation, I am not
*sure if logBox has this out of the box :-*

Sure it does. If I were you, I would make a custom DB appender. Pass in everything you want logged in a struct in the “extraInfo” property of the log message. In your custom DB Appender you can put all that data in whatever columns of whatever table you want. Then, write whatever reports you wish off of the data in that table.

Also, you might want to check out using some AOP advices for logging if possible, since auditing is definitely a cross-cutting concern.



That is *AWESOME* !!! I Know what I'll be playing with later! And
thanks for the recommendation on AOP, it looks interesting and
definitely will be reading more into that tomorrow.

And after re-reading how I posted my "question", I realized it may
have came across harsh... I had no intention for that to happen!!
Coldbox, logbox, wirebox are my friends and they treat me very well!
And I am very excited for the 3.5 production release!

Thank you.

Just make sure you watch out with the extraInfo argument. By default
it is passed around as a simple string so make sure you testing
isStruct(extraInfo) or else you may run into some unexpected

But it is pretty awesome :slight_smile: