RE: [coldbox:13931] overwrite DSN property

So which one of those folders is the actual web root that the ColdBox app lives in? I see a folder called “coldbox” but I’m unclear on whether that’s where you’re housing the framework (coldbox/system) or just a folder for your app that happens to be named coldbox. The default plugin convention is /plugins in your web root. If you want something outside your web root, you can use the pluginsExternalLocation setting. If “webroot” below is the root of your app, then you’ll need to change your plugin convention to be “/test/Me/coldbox/testApp/plugins”



Sorry that was unclear.

in webroot/Me/coldbox I have the coldbox install with system and all the other coldbox directories. I also have my testApp

Then in the testApp directory I have:
/config/coldbox.xml.cfm–file that has the dsn setting
/config/Coldbox.cfc–also has dsn setting in it