RE: [coldbox:13974] [coldbox 3.5.0-BE] RequestContextDecorator guide

Oops, got carried away with the send button on the last E-mail

> Because I have to have a separate Coldbox.cfc for each site.

I have separate Coldbox.cfc’s for each site. I have the entire app skeleton inside each site including the config folder with the respective configs. The “local” views and handlers directories only have the views and handlers that are specific to those sites. This also allows me to have things like local temp directories.

I think I understand a bit more about your folder structure with your example. Basically, your “external” locations aren’t really external- they’re just sub folders inside your existing views folder. I’ll say that’s certainly am interesting solution.



I think your confusing my approach with the original poster.

maybe your not, didn’t see his latest one come in.

Yep that’s exactly right – I guess external is the wrong wording, maybe “custom” would be more fitting for my use-case. I too now understand how you’re sites must be setup, and “external” makes a lot more sense when they’re stored “externally” to the app.

The reason I do it this way is that I’m not just sharing models/views/layouts – I’m sharing plugins, interceptors, includes; pretty much everything.

Just to clarify: here’s my local file structure:















Then my apps are:







So the virtual hosts directory for the websites on the server only have two files (Application.cfc and Coldbox.cfc). Everything else is symlinked to the “core” application.

Hopefully that makes sense!