RE: [coldbox:14671] Coldbox : Is multi instance per application per server possible?

I’m used to using hardware to load balance multiple servers all running my ColdBox site. So, if points to the load balancer, I set up additional policies on the LB so, and, etc all point directly to a specific server behind the LB. Then I can hit them directly for testing or reinitting.

As far as multiple JVM instances, I’m not sure what options you have to target a specific one as it’s been a few years since I’ve played with that. One big question is how you are balancing the load. There are a million different setups, but I assume you have one box with one IIS install locally and using JRun clustering. You may be able to hit an instance directly by hitting the port number for that instance directly like or whatever.

If that doesn’t work, I think I’d try something like the interceptor idea others suggested. If you were on Railo, you could use something like the cluster scope to notify other instances to reinit.



We have a little project we started a few years back called ColdBox Messaging. Unfortunately, I have not been able to update it and publish it. It allows you to connect multiple coldbox applications via JMS in a cluster. Each application can announce events, reload ORM, cache synchronizations, cache replications, etc. All from any instance.

Hopefully, we will have enough time this year to open it up.

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