RE: [coldbox:15159] Re: First time installing 3.5.1 and baseurl error

So, did the “Element BASEURL is undefined in INSTANCE” error go away?

There used to be a setting in the config for appMapping, but now ColdBox figures it out automatically when the app reinits based on the directory ColdBox is being called from.

The setting in application.cfc only has to be filled out if you are using proxies or something that might initialize the app with a request from inside a subfoler. Ex. If the app timed out and the next request was to then the app would try to set its app mapping incorrectly to “proxy”.

Nonetheless, what do you get when you output getSetting(‘AppMapping’)? As long as your app is initializing from a “normal” URL such as then ColdBox should be setting the appMapping automatically to “passitonrecovery”.



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