RE: [coldbox:15355] ColdBox/CF dummy question

Any chance you’re supplying a default value to getValue() like so:


That would mask if varName wasn’t actually defined in the request collection.

Also, if you dump rc, what do you see?



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If I dump rc before making any changes I've got rc.example defined.
Then if I try to do this rc.example = tagstipper(rc.example) and I dump rc also adding abort I still see that rc.example is defined but
if I delete abort I've got error in this line.
On the other hand it works with event.getValue(), I dont use default value.

But the question is more general, I will check it later but, should sth like this works:
rc.example = rc.example & 'test'
or is there any reason why it might not or rather is some difference between
rc.example = rc.example & 'test'
rc.example = event.getValue('example') & 'test'