RE: [coldbox:15500] [Coldbox - 3.5] The event is not valid registered event

Can you start by confirming if the ColdFusion mappings are the same between your local environment and your dev server? Are you using SES urls?

normal URL:


Can you paste in the URL exactly as it is in your browser when you see that error?

And to confirm, you should have a file called home.cfc in your handlers directory with a public method called “lookup”.



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Hi Brad,

Thanks for your quick response.

I can’t confirm if the mappings are the same currently since I am not the admin of the DEV server but I have asked. As for your other questions

I am using SES urls
Basically when I call locally:


The application returns the expected results but when I call on our DEV server:


I get the error stated previously. And I do have a home.cfc in the handlers directory with a public method called “lookup”.

Thanks agian!