RE: [coldbox:15611] [coldbox-3.5.1] Cart before my horses in afterConfigurationLoad Interception Point

Where is the validateModel() method defined? Can you provide a stack trace?

Also, a couple pointers–

I think you’re mixing things that need to be set once per app initialization and once per page request. Settings, when set, are saved for the duration of the app and shared by all users. The event.setSESBaseURL needs to be set on every request. (I use a preProcess for that).

Also, is your expectation that all users of your app will share the same settings as the first person to hit the app? If multiple people are going to be hitting domain A and B at the same time, changing the settings won’t help-- not even if you do it on preProcess since settings are shared by everyone. Two concurrent requests will be overwriting each other. Now, if you are dynamically changing the ColdFusion application name (in application.cfc) based on the host name, then that will work, but keep in mind that from a memory point of view, you will have multiple copies of the ColdBox Framework in memory with different application names. If you only plan on having a single application-scope, then you’ll need to find some other way to override your external locations for each user.



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I’m so used to doing more with the request and session scopes, I keep forgetting how many application settings there in when using CB. You are right, I thought I’d just reset the externals based on how the user came into the site but I can see now how that won’t work.

As far as validateModel(), it’s a CB FrameworkSupertype function so I thought it wold be available at the time the interceptor was launched.


The validation manager is set in the aspects, so afterAspectsLoad only, not afterConfigurationLoad

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Ah HA! Thank you.