RE: [coldbox:16195] REST with ColdBox - Out of Memory Issues

I would highly suggest that you use a tool like JMeter to simulate your production load on a staging server so you can monitor what is going on.

Also, what OOM errors are you getting? Perm gen or heap? You should be able to find them in your “out” log.

You should observe what memory GC patterns look like over time with your app. Is heap space being reclaimed, or slowly leaking?

You can turn off session variables in Application.cfc: THIS.SessionManagement = false;

Unless you are having the client return cookies or URL variables to reuse session from one request to the next, I would say turn it off. REST in general is supposed to be stateless.



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Hi, Brad:

I am looking at the CF Monitor. The error is the GC is exceeded.

Is there a trick to turning off sessionManagement? Currently, if I set it to false, ColdBox generates an error and says that it must be set to true. I am not using anything, explicitly, in my code that manipulates session variable.



I second jMeter, it allowed me to test a website I worked on and even with 5K concurrent connections, the most ColdFusion JVM used was close to 800MB. I probably could have gone higher with jMeter, except that IIS is capped by default to 5K concurrent connections.

If you are getting a GC with RESTful, then I would look at what is being stored in any of the scopes, like application, session etc. And rule of thumb, as Brad said RESTful is supposed to be stateless,