RE: [coldbox:16271] [coldbox-3.5.2] Initial config of Application.cfc

Thanks for the feedback on the confusion portions of our documentation. I’ll make a note to try and standardize our appMapping sample code.

We’ve had a number of debates over the years on the list about whether or not it is ever valid to put the ColdBox framework in the web root and not surprisingly there are advocates on both sides. For the foreseeable future, we’ll most likely leave that in our docs as it is a valid way to get the framework running some there are additional security measures that can be deployed to restrict access to an acceptable level. I’ll make a note to check the docs and see if we have a best practice guide that covers the location of the framework files.

RE: mapping. Yes, what you said makes perfect sense and I think you are on target. It is true that the app-specific mapping is mutually exclusive with the inheritance Application.cfc for the reasons you stated. If you are planning on use an app-specific mapping, then you are on the right path with the no-inheritance Application.cfc. Sorry for the confusion there.



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