RE: [coldbox:16297] Cachebox and null values

Technically, that would be the CacheBox provider with the JBDC store :slight_smile: I bet the serialization/de-serialization is making that happen. Can you dig into that store and find the utility class that it is using to serialize the values and poke around? There are a couple different methods it uses based on whether you are on Railo or ACF I think. If we can narrow down a simple test case that serializes and de-serializes a struct and loses the null values then we may be able to figure out if we can work around it. Unfortunately, I think ACF (if that’s what you’re on) tends to treat null keys in a struct as non-existant so it may be one of those “feature-not-a-bug” things.



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I am pretty sure Brad is correct that the key will not exist in the struct if its NULL, IIRC.


Right ! :wink: After I hit send I realized I wasn’t being clear in my provider/store wording. Sorry about that.

And yes, I’m on ACF 9.0.1 right now so chances are that is what’s causing the issue. I’ll take a look at the provider / store now and get back to you.

Thanks Brad.