RE: [coldbox:16366] default view in every request???

I’m not sure if I’m following what you’re saying, but I would guess you are doing something wrong or have a misunderstanding. I would highly recommend you determine an upgrade path to ColdBox 3.5.x. The platform has progress much since 2.6.3.

So, back to your problem. Can you give us more information about the request you are issuing? ColdBox does have a default layout, but there is no such thing as a default view. There IS a default event which might have a view set in it. Can you provide us with at least the URL you are hitting as well as the code in the relevant handler?



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I’ll say this again, as you seem to have walked right over it.

ColdBox uses the layout in the config file to use that layout for all its views, unless you program the change of the view then the view will be from the config file, exactly as you describe.

There is no default view, the view is defined by what handler is run.