RE: [coldbox:16374] default view in every request???

I understand if you can’t upgrade. I wasn’t suggesting it would fix your issue either, I’m just pointing out that you’ll find better help for a more recent version.

Since you haven’t posted any code, I can’t help much further other than to re-iterate that there is no default view in coldbox, but there is a default layout. If there is a view being rendered that you don’t think should be, then you would need to provide us with a stack trace at minimum. Also, can you reference the specific setting you are talking about in the config file?

Generally speaking though, consider the following handler:

component {
function myAction(event) {

Then if you visit

Then the expectation (using the default ColdBox conventions) would be that the file /views/myView.cfm will be executed for the view and the file /layouts/myLayout.cfm will be used to wrap the output of the view. No other views or layouts should be rendered in that request.

If you leave off the layout argument, then the view will remain the same, but the default layout from your config (usually layout.main) will be used to wrap the view.

If you leave off the setView call all together, ColdBox conventions will kick in and look for the following view /views/myHandler/myAction.cfm and the layout will be the default described above.

If you are seeing a behavior other than the scenarios I described above, then please provide code samples, config values, and stack traces.



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