RE: [coldbox:16790] Re: getCurrentPackage() and RequestContentDecorator would just need to be seen as foo.reports.index

When you hit, what action is being run? I would expect it to be the “index” action in the “reports” handler in the “foo” package, which is what you want to happen. Of course, this assume you don’t have a handler called “foo” with an action called “reports” in it.
Are you getting a different behavior, or are you wanting a different behavior?


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What Brad says…

Also can I ask if your packages might not be best suited to Modules?

Brad and Andrew,

You are right. I probably should move these things over to Modules. The way the application works, the Modules would be systems, and we may add new systems to the application later, and ill just be able to add a new module and be done with it.

Thanks all for your help!

Another thing too, is that you could even use addRoute() to do what you were trying to do.