RE: [coldbox:16825] [ColdBox 3.5.3] Cachebox error causes all coldbox pages to error

I have that error some up every once in a while. It sometimes seems to be accompanied by a perm gen out of space error. I’ve suspected that it might be related to the fact that we use trusted cache which gets cleared several times a day by automated hotfix migrations which slowly stack up the amount of Java classes. Either way, it’s an odd error deep in the bowels of Java and I never found anything when googling for it. How long had your server been online when it started? Does it only happen after several days?

Turning on some logging for Java memory might be useful to help troubleshoot. Railo shows it to you right in the admin, and tools like SeeFusion will display it for ACF, but unless Fusion-reactor shows perm gen, I’ve only been able to monitor it by enabling verbose GC.



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Brad, thanks for the response. I do have verbose GC on and did notice that perm gen was at 99% when this error occurred. I didn’t see a perm gen error in the logs though.

This usually occurs on a server running for over a week and we do have trusted cache ON and clear it once every few days. We also have a lot of CF pages and CFCs that create many classes. I have bumped up the perm gen size to 384M (from 192) in an effort to try to avoid this error. I will let you know any updates.

Thanks again!

-Chris Bestall