RE: [coldbox:16878] Devbox config

Where is the ColdBox folder? Have you created any “coldBox” mappings at the server level or in Application.cfc?



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Hi Brad,
Thanks for your reply! I was getting a bit bummed that no one had written me back, but then I realized you had just fixed my subject line. Thanks!

Regarding my file structure, I have coldbox-devbox as the parent directory in my user folder. (Not sure if that is the correct location, but I think that’s another thread).
Coldbox-devbox > webapps > newsite > site > index.cfm

If I look at the railo admin I only see a mapping for /railo-context which was already in there.
And in application.cfc I see that COLDBOX_APP_MAPPING is empty.

Thanks again for your reply, and assistance.