RE: [coldbox:16887] Devbox config

Glad to hear you’re up and running.

If you’re going to eventually end up with multiple ColdBox sites, there’s a good chance you’ll want them to share the same ColdBox folder so you only have to update the framework once. Keeping the framework folder out of the web root can also clean things up and be more secure. There’s no black magic to it though-- the CF server simply has to be able to resolve “coldbox”, and the steps I enumerated are basically the order in which your server searches when it resolves a component path.



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Thanks again for the help. 2 more questions:

  1. Ideally, should I install devbox in Applications? Or some other place?
  2. I tried adding the mapping for /coldbox but I’m back to the same problem. Wondering how I should point to it. Currently:

Virtual: /coldbox
Resource: /User/myusername/coldbox-devbox/coldbox/

Is that all it should need? I did confirm that the directory exists.

These are much less important, answers or suggestions are appreciated, but I can live with this setup for awhile, until I can figure them out on my own, if I must.

I realized these are more Railo questions than coldbox. I’ll try to hunt down my answers elsewhere. Thanks again!