RE: [coldbox:16923] Re: Coldbox 3.5.2 - models / services not found

Honestly, I don’t know. I just ran across that the other day. I usually use ACF, and just started using DevBox at home last week. It might be worth starting a thread over on the Railo list. I think it’s a parsing error.

So to confirm, did this fix your error?

The “Mapping PartnerService has not been registered” error you got was probably because WireBox hadn’t created the mapping. Unless you’re using explicit mappings, WireBox doesn’t created them until you access it the first time. It makes sense that if the injection DSL was messed up, the PartnerService wasn’t being injected, which means the mapping was never even being created. Was I meant to have you dump out was the metadata of the object being injected into. ie., the object which had the property in it. That will show you what the name of the property is being parsed as.



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Hi Brad,

Yes it did fix the error. I would be curious to know if any of the folks on the list who use Railo have seen this issue before.

I’m up and running on Railo…and now seem to have an issue with retrieving / deserializing an existing object that’s in the JDBC Cache Store… ughhh. I think I might have to post this one on a new thread. :slight_smile:

thanks so much for your help Brad.