RE: [coldbox:17067] Re: [3.5.3] AOP, DI, and FrameworkSupertype

the Aspect (VTMOSecurity.cfc) is extended at runtime with FrameworkSupertype methods automatically, none of those methods are accessible.

Again, I think this is because the actual method in the aspect is injected into the target CFC and now uses the targets “variables” and “this” scope. This means that if you are wrapping a model object with an aspect, the code in that aspect will run in the context of the target object, which doesn’t extend the framework supertype, and therefore would not have access to methods such as setNextEvent().



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FINALLY figured out why this was so confusing.

You are right Brad… mostly.

By default, this is a dump of an aspect:
No framework supertype methods.

However, if I add a dependency to a entityservice:
They are listed.


I also added an issue to github (coldbox platform) about the race condition just so it can be considered in the future.