RE: [coldbox:17224] Content box Module - Supermenu

Did you build a menu in the admin? Can you post the code in your menu views?



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When calling the plugin from within your view, are you specifying a menu slug name, a zone name, or both?

Here is the code

Home #cb.getPlugin( plugin="SuperMenu", module="SuperMenu" ).renderIt( zone="mainmenu" )#

i am using a zone

Home #cb.getPlugin( plugin="SuperMenu", module="SuperMenu" ).renderIt( zone="mainmenu" )#

yes i installed the super menu module, created a menu and associated it with the zone i created called mainmenu.
Then i pasted the code to get the plugin into the _topmenu view being called from the paged layout, with in the “reddy” layout.

Hi marcus–

I tested the scenario you outlined (same zone name, same layout, same view), and I was able to get the menu to display (even straight pasted the code you provided). Is the view cached by any chance?

Have you tried passing the menu’s slug to the plugin?

E.g. #cb.getPlugin( plugin=“SuperMenu”, module=“SuperMenu” ).renderIt( slug=“somemenuslughere” )#

i tried the slug version as well.
In the super menu config, the pages i added to the menu have a context popup showing “the content is expired and no longer valid”.
The page entries in the menu are a dark brow colour at first then as soon as you save they go pink.

I am running content box on cf10.

i went into admin and switched off all caching, but super menu items still do not show up.

What kind of items are in your menu? And is it possible that the menu is simply being hidden by CSS?

I added 2 pages i created in content box. Nothing else changed.

What database are you using?


i copied the content box files from the cf10 server to railo.
It works on railo, although the menus are not nicely lined up.
Any idea why supermenu works only in railo?

Ah, you’re on CF10? I did not test it on 10. I’ll take a look. Thanks for letting me know.

Re: the menus lining up, that is something you’ll have to modify via the theme. SuperMenu only produces a very generic unordered (or ordered) list, which you can then style to your heart’s content.

I’ll let you know what I find re: CF10. Thanks

yes I am using CF10.
glad i could help.

Hey Marcus–

Thanks for your patience with this. I figured out the issue…apparently, CF9 and CF10 handle the isNull() on one of the content properties differently, so it was thinking that all of your content items were expired, and hence didn’t show them ( I assume the menu items in the menu manager were all red, right?)

Anyway, I’ve updated the module.

If you get a chance to try it out, let me know if it solves the issue. If you just want to update the files, the only changes were in the following:

  • model/SuperMenuServie.cfc
  • plugins/SuperMenu.cfc
    As far as how you were implementing it, that should all be fine. Once you drop these changes in and reload the app, it should work.

Good luck, and thanks again for helping me squash this.



This has given me another idea. Should we add update notifications to ContentBox on modules, widgets and layouts?



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Yes, that would be awesome. Off the top of my head, I have a couple ideas.

  • First, it’d be cool if there was a general notifications area (widget updates, content box updates, etc.). Clicking on this icon/link/whatever could take you to a page that shows an itemized list of all available updates, categorized by type (system, widget, module, etc.)
  • In the individual sections of the admin, it’d be nice to see some visual indication that certain items in the list are updateable (and perhaps have new action icons for quick updating)
  • For modules in particular, it’d also be nice to push through messages to the main interface (would have to be part of a generic modules construction definition) of the module. That way, if you don’t often hit the “Manage” screen, but frequent other modules, you’d be able to see a prominent note about an update being available.
  • Not sure about cross-browser feasibility, but maybe the updates could be announced as in-browser notifications?
  • Perhaps this already exists, but I would really like to be able to subscribe to Forgebox emails to know about new widgets, modules, etc.


This would be awesome, as WordPress does the same thing and from the dashboard to see what is available to be updated would be great addition.

Do you mind creating a ticket for this and adding all of our ideas. I think also offering a notification API is key. Where modules layout widgets etc can send notification to the ui in a standard API.

Updating of the module for example seems like a complete overwrite