RE: [coldbox:17589] [coldbox 3.5.3] cachebox monitor debug pane

It wouldn’t make any sense for the CacheBox monitor to show the contents of the singleton scope in WireBox since those are two totally separate things.

The singleton scope is available to you to programatically inspect it. Check out the getScope(“SINGLETON”) method in the Wirebox injector. It returns an instance of coldbox.system.ioc.scopes.Singleton.

Enabling debug logging for coldbox.system.ioc may also help you.

Are you having doubts about whether or not your models are being persisted? As long as you have marked them in the WireBox config or CFC metadata as a singleton, it should just work. Remember, if you are on dev, you may have singletonReload enabled which clears out singletons every request for development purposes.



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I was doubting that the model was being cached only because I did not see the cached objects in the Cachebox panel. I remember in 3.2 or 3.5 that I could see singletons in the panel.

I just verified that the app’s model is being cached in the singleton scope. So all is well.

How can I display the number of hits to cache for singletons? The number of reaps & collections?