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Yes, you are on the right track. CacheBox gives you very good control over clearing out cached items. In addition to clearing the entire cache with clearAll() or clearing a specific item with clear(“Key”), the CF and Railo providers let you can clear specific keys with clearByKeySnippet() using a snippet or regex. ie, if all of your CMS’s content keys started with “content_” or something, you could clear out all of those at once with clearByKeySnippet(“content_”). Also, you can configure multiple cache providers and have one dedicated to cached content and call clearAll() on that one. You would use getColdboxOCM(“cacheName”) to get that cache.

I don’t personally use the ColdBoxOCM any more-- it’s sort of a legacy function from back before CacheBox became what it is today. When we introduced CacheBox back in 3.0 we added getCacheBox() as well as special WireBox DSL for wiring in cache providers. The ColdBoxOCM methods were left in as wrappers for CacheBox.



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