RE: [coldbox:18111] [Coldbox 3.6.0] Coldbox and Websockets

Yeah, someone pointed this out to me the other day. Sean claims to have already fixed it for FW/1 as he said this on Dave’s blog:

“I think I can make FW/1 impervious to this CGI scope destruction by pulling all the values it needs from the CGI scope out at the start of the request, putting them in request scope, and then only referring to the request scope values thereafter.”

That makes sense except I’m confused a bit since I’m not sure if the ColdBox error you reported is due to losing CGI scope or losing request scope. The requestContext is stored in request, not CGI. The blog entry also suggested that the request scope was disappearing as well as the CGI scope:

“The request dump in the after is all but gone except for one value. The CGI scope is redone just like the first example.”

If that is the case, I’m unclear on how backing up the CGI scope in the request scope would help if the request scope is also being obliterated.

Can you dig in to the rendering plugin and try to figure out exactly what scopes are disappearing?



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I can. I will post back here once I have some results.

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