RE: [coldbox:18116] [Coldbox 3.6.0] Coldbox and Websockets

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The request scope does appear to be reset as well. I set a variable in the request scope at the start of a handle, and in the layout page that variable was no longer in the request scope.

I think the currentView error is just the last error that get seen. If I call event.noRender() in my handler, then the error switches to:

Application Execution ExceptionError Type: Lock : [N/A]

Error Messages: Cannot lock session scope.
Cannot use cflock to lock the application or session shared scopes without these scopes using the cfapplication tag. To use the session scope, you must enable session management. Application and/or Session variables must also be enabled in the ColdFusion Administrator.

Unfortunately I have only worked with Coldbox a little, we do not use it at work, so I have never really had a chance to get into the details. I am prepared to dive in, so I do appreciate any advice where to look next.

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Sorry, I meant to add more of the details about the error.

Tag Context:
LINE: 43
Template: C:\cfBuilder\myProjects\\coldbox\system\web\flash\SessionFlash.cfc
LINE: 336
Template: C:\cfBuilder\myProjects\\coldbox\system\Coldbox.cfc
LINE: 54
Template: C:\cfBuilder\myProjects\\Application.cfc



Although probably a work around, I would use cfthread to make the wsPublish call. What wsPublish does is a bug IMHO, that I hope is eventually fixed but until then it just creates havoc with apps. The issue is with the handler call of the wsPublish. It, for some unknown reason, resets scopes.


Using cfthread did fix the problem, and I completely agree that this is a bug.