RE: [coldbox:18136] [coldbox 3.6.0] modules 404 error in Railo

The easiest way to start playing with Railo and ColdBox is to download DevBox here:

It’s built on top of Railo Express. All you have to do is unzip the download and run the start executable and you’ll be up and running in about 2 minutes.

As for your 404, it could just be a broken link in the sample app. Where does this broken ForgeBox link point to? Is it a link to the main ForgeBox site on, or is it a local link to the ForgeBox module?



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ColdBox Platform:

The problem is tomcat. Tomcat servlet definition does not support ses URLs anywhere in the folders of an app. It must be explicitly defined in the URL handlers. This is a tomcat issue I even brought up to jboss a while back.

So the issue is the container. Acf works because it was based in jrun and jrun supports this. Now acf10 supports this in tomcat as they basically extended the definition for their container.

So with Railo you have the following options.

  1. add the index.cfm/* handler as necessary. So static and not dynamic definitions.
  2. add a web server like nginx or apache and do rewrites there
  3. add a rewrite filter like tuckey. But tuckey is also static and works on specific entry points.

It sucks but its a container issue.

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