RE: [coldbox:18265] Re: [coldbox-3.5.3] validation issue

Looking at the code in coldbox\system\validation\validators\RequiredValidator.cfc
it looks like it only works for simple values.

// Simple Tests
if( isSimpleValue(arguments.targetValue) AND len(trim( arguments.targetValue )) ){
return true;

Suggestions on how to improve that?



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Hey, Brad.

I see this in the docs:

Validates that the value is of a certain format type. Our included types are: ssn,email,url,alpha,boolean,date,usdate,eurodate,numeric,GUID,UUID,integer,string,telephone,zipcode,ipaddress,creditcard,binary,component,query,struct,json,xml

What does the component type signify?

In any case, in the validator, I would check isObject().

I’ll be putting in a pull request to make some changes soon. :slight_smile: