RE: [coldbox:18306] [coldbox-3.6.0] AOP aspect and custom messagebox plugin

What specific method in the handler is being run and what’s the full stack trace at the time it errors? I wonder if the aspect is wrapping the init method of the handler and firing on handler creation.



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It shouldn’t be…well I mean, yes it probably should be since there is an implicit init() in the handler and I’m binding to any method in a handler cfc. Can that be avoided in the binding? I’d rather not have to apply meta information to every handler action.

But, since that was a good idea…I changed the binding to:

bindAspect(classes=match().regex(‘modules…handlers.’), methods=match().annotatedWith(‘requiresAccount’), aspects=“RequiresAccountAspect”);

and the handler is really simple:

function index(event,rc,prc) requiresAccount {

I tested that and again, after an fwreinit, I manually go to the appropriate module URL (to the above handler/method) and it goes right back to the home page, which it should because I’ve not selected an account yet.