RE: [coldbox:3059] Re: CacheManager: Cannot find LastAccessTimeout key in struct

Awesome Luis, I'll check out the latest nightly build and see how it

The "test scripts" I had were really nothing more than a cfloop; some
cachemanager sets, expirealls, and reaps; and a few getTickCounts. Then
I sat back and watched them run with SeeFusion.

I'll let you know how the new code works.



Ok Dokey,

Let me know your results!!

Brad, and group.

I remembered why the eviction policies did not evict objects with 0
timeouts. Because if you do, then singletons will be evicted.


mycfc = new cfc();

Then in my handlers I would just wire it for example or use it:
<cfproperty name="mycfc" type="ocm" />

This would work until the object gets expired, then it will fail as
there is nothing checking if it exists and placing it back on cache
again. Again, this is if you are placing stuff on cache when the app
starts and never check for it.

What do you guys think?