RE: [coldbox:3123] Re: CacheManager: Cannot find LastAccessTimeout key in struct

What benefit do you receive from using the cache manager as opposed to
the application storage plug in?
Well, you cannot autowire from the application scope. You can autowire
from the cache. This is a big one.

That is a good point, but what's keeping us from enhancing the auto wire
interceptor to pull things from the application storage plug in?

<cfproperty name="SecurityService" type="applicationStorage"
scope="instance" />
instead of:
<cfproperty name="SecurityService" type="ocm" scope="instance" />

I don't know if I would insist upon usage of the cache for eternal
objects simply because no other suitable option had been built into the
autowire interceptor yet.

(FYI: I am still open to other ideas-- I'm just trying to stimulate
discussion, not be hard-headed :slight_smile: