RE: [coldbox:3240] Re: Including layout with CustomExceptionTemplate

I have placed a cfinclude to my stand-alone error template in the
onError method of application.cfc for this very reason. If _*ALL*_ else
fails, CF will run that.

Well, I guess there is more to fail-- the universe could rip apart at
the seams and we could all be sucked in to a black hole-- but I don't
think the onError method was designed to handle failures of that
magnitude. :slight_smile:


Well thank you all for the explanations. What you have mentioned about
an endless error loop is something I had experienced in the past, and
I've used onError() within the Application to include a page with
nothing but static content. And Brad, I think I have a script that
could save you from the potential universe black hole. :slight_smile:

Thanks all.