RE: [coldbox:3289] Re: UDFLibraryFile

You removed the method itself or a call to it? I'm pretty certain your
init() method SHOULD exist in the handlers. The sample handlers that
come with ColdBox all have this comment above them:
"<!--- This init is mandatory, including the super.init(). --->"

Otherwise, when the HandlerService did this line of code,
var oHandler = CreateObject("component", invocationPath ).init(
controller );

I would expect it to receive a reference to the base class and not your


I have not looked at CB3.0, but in 2.x, init() is absolutely not required in your handlers. However, if you do include it, then you must call super.init().

All of that said, I don’t actually think that a call to init() or super.init() is the issue here. I think it is merely masking the underlying issue, which I am willing to wager is caused by the UDF mixin file including a method that is already present - somewhere. Have you checked all the way up through the ColdBox classes to make sure that you’re not including a method that is in one of them?

I added a function into my UDF with an obscure name “philstestblahfunction” … and the problem still occured.