RE: [coldbox:3294] Re: UDFLibraryFile

Yeah, I swear I had a problem once returning "this" from a parent class,
but I tried it again today and I think it must have been just a figment
of my imagination. At any rate, I'm rather curious why the comment
exists in the sample handlers demanding the existence of the init.

Phillip said earlier (and again today) that he has had the problem even
with providing an obscure name for the function. Based on that, I
believe that he is not overlapping any built-in ColdBox functions. My
prevailing theory is that his init method is getting called twice which
is in turn, re-including this UDF library a second time.

The stack trace Phillip provided showed the error happened as the UDF
library was being included on the super init.

Phillip, just to confirm one more time-- The function you are having
problems with is part of your UDF library, right? You have no functions
anywhere else in your app defined with the same name (especially in the
authentication.cfc file), correct. And you are not manually calling the
init() method on any objects that the ColdBox frame work is creating for
you, verdad? Is that all correct?

Removing the init method may have made the error go away, but I think it
just masked the problem. You should have no problems having an init
method in your handlers.

Do you mind posting the code in your authentication.cfc handler?
Perhaps you can try commenting everything out of it and narrow down the
problem. Also, make sure you aren't auto wiring anything in to the
handler with the same name as your function.