RE: [coldbox:3379] Best way to debug?

So I see the stack trace, but where's the error message? I'm not
familiar with Transfer, but what is line 120 of TransferGateway.cfc
doing? What if you put a try catch around it and cfdump the error
struct? It looks like a cfquery tag from the stack. Are you
datasources configured correctly? Are the passwords correct? Run a
trace on the database. Is the query itself erroring or is the SQL never
making it past the JDBC drivers?

We really can't help you without you doing some legwork and finding out
what the actual error is. That, and the fact that the error looks like
it has nothing to do with ColdBox and this is a ColdBox list. All I can
suggest are try/catches, cfdumps, and the ColdBox logger plugin.

Good Luck.


Yes I have checked and tested the db sources, I can run cfquerys. I
will try your sugestions, thanks!

OpenBD says the error is on line 80:

CFQUERY: Line=80; Column=3

77: </cfscript>
78: <cfloop from="1" to="#len#" index="counter">
79: <cfset evaluation = queryCollection[counter] />
80: <cfquery name="queryValue" datasource="#getDataSource
()#" username="#getDataSource().getUsername()#"
81: <cfset eLen = ArrayLen(evaluation) />

Ok! I tried the try/catch round usertest.cfm and got nothing useful:

Snippet (cfdump):

column 1
detail [empty string]
errorcode [empty string]
extendedinfo [empty string]
line 80
message [empty string]

tagname CFQUERY
template /opt/tomcat/webapps/openbd/transfer/com/sql/
type Application

Well looks like open bd needs better error handlng to show more
meaningful stuff. Try Railo