RE: [coldbox:4219] LogBox FUN, FUN, FUN!

There aren’t any examples in the docs that show an appender being defined with a custom log level, but I see it now after reading it again.

The only example I was able to find was the example XML config (which I hadn’t looked at until now) which has this in there:

I assume the Programmatic Configuration would go something like this:
appenders = {
appenderName = {
name = value,
prop2 = value 2

I’m at work now so I’ll try that syntax tonight. While I believe that solves my immediate problem, I want to confirm that the min and max levels when defined at the appender level apply to that appender regardless of category, right? Bear with me while I set up a hypothetical example:

Let’s say I have two packages for which I want to have custom logging-- “security” and “checkout”. I have two appenders-- E-mail, and Twitter.
Now, I want to use both of those appenders for both of those categories, however I want each appender to log different levels within the context of each category.

So the E-mail appender logs ALL levels regardless of category, and the Twitter appender logs all levels in the “security” category, but I only want the Twitter appender logging FATAL errors in the “checkout” category. Is it a correct statement to say that is not possible without defining the Twitter appender twice with a different logging level each time? It seems that defining the logging levels on the category apply to all appenders for that category (though the appender’s internal level can still override) and defining the logging levels on the appender will apply to all categories using that appender (though the category’s internal level can still override). But there is no way to set a logging level for a specific appender in the context of a specific logger. Is that correct?