RE: [coldbox:4935] coldbox installation on a multisite iis server

If you don’t have a coldbox folder under x:\ColdBoxTest then yes, you would need a mapping

You can either setup a mapping in the ColdFusion administrator or with per application mappings in your application.cfc.

Curt Gratz

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Also note that ColdFusion 9 by default has cache web server paths in the admin which basically if you are running multiple sites will criss cross paths. So make sure you have that setting off also just in case.

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Sorry for the late reply. Not being an admin guy, I am not sure I
fully understand in which of the two solution contexts Curt provided
that I have to shut off the setting you mentioned. We chose to use
the first of his solutions, creating a mapping via the CF
administrator. If I am fully grokking this, your response applies to
the second of his two solutions, per application mappings in the
Application.cfc. Is this correct?

Thanks for your help! (and Curt, thanks for your help, too!)