RE: [coldbox:6354] Re: Coldbox Multi-Application Architecture

At my job we have three separate applications (sites if you will) that share most of their code (views, handlers, models, etc). We have a common folder outside of all the web roots with all the shared views, handlers, javascript/css, interceptors, and models. Each of our apps’ webroots are basically stubbed out with their own config files, layouts, and proxies. (We’d like to centralize the proxies, but they need to be in a directory relative to the site’s application.cfc. Then, in each config file we use the external location for handlers, views, models and interceptors. What is nice about that is if we want to have a global view called vwShoppingCart.cfm but we want to customize it for one site, we drop the view of the same name in the local views folder for that site and it automatically overrides the external location. Then we use virtual directories for any shared images, javascript, and css.

Additionally, we have mutliple domains that can be used to access each site. We use buildLink to generate all our URLs and implented a preProcess interceptor that sets the appropriate SESBaseUrl into the request context on every page.

Does that help at all?


I do not prefer my business logic to be outside my site root folder.
It should be very easy to deploy.

Site 1:


Could you doodle a directory diagram of this concept for us (well, ok, me)?