RE: [coldbox:6357] Re: Coldbox Multi-Application Architecture

Yes the 3 applications are having 3 different appNames

Yes, but does the actual ColdFusion application have a different name? This is neccessary to create 3 separate application scopes for each app and its respective config to live in.

By default, you ColdFusion application is set in the application.cfc file of your app with something like this:
<cfset = “ColdBoxSamples_” & hash(getCurrentTemplatePath())>

Have you made this dynamic as well?

I do not prefer my business logic to be outside my site root folder.

Why? I actually like my models outside the web root. IIS doesn’t need to be serving them up directly anyway (that’s what proxies are for) so I feel safer with them out of hacker’s reach.



Application has only one name

Sub Applications have different appNames as configured in the config
file or object.
coldbox = {
                appName = "[Product
News | Investor News | Sports News]",

Well why i am keeping my business logic inside the site root?
When you come to develop a enterprise level application that is
continuously growing like newer sub applications incorporated the
complexity of the application gets reduced. If prefer virtual
directories for web-services.
Hacker safety should be ensured at the interceptor level.