RE: [coldbox:7293] append text after <body> tag


I would look into the preRender interception point. It gives you the HTML of your layout and views already rendered and you can fiddle with it as you desire before it gets sent out to the user.

I implemented a preRender interceptor to pull out all javascript includes from the page and move them to the end to improve the page load time in the browser. The result was fantastic for only a few lines of code, and I didn’t have to touch a single one of our layouts and views.

From a debugging standpoint, it may be difficult for another programmer to track down, but you can do it to an application no matter how large and not have to touch a single layout file.



Perfect!! That’s what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Brad, come on man, contribute that to ForgeBox :slight_smile:
That seems sooo cool!

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